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Key Benefits and Requirements

The key benefits of the Amazon Connect CTI Adapter are:

  • Amazon Connect Voice and Chat: ability to take voice and chat calls in the salesforce agent experience and advanced screen pop on the incoming phone number, case, account or contact. Agents can also click to dial a number within their contacts.

  • Single Sign-On support: seamless login with Connect and Salesforce with any standard SAML 2.0 provider.

  • Call disposition and activity management: configure post call workflows to support your Agent's after call work.

  • Call logging and recording: Voice and chat interactions can be logged as Salesforce activities and Amazon Connect call recordings can be played within the Salesforce.

  • Omnichannel Presence Sync: enable Salesforce chat, sms and email to share presence with Amazon Connect. Amazon Connect will know when an agent is handling a Salesforce chat and make them unavailable for a voice call, and vice versa.

  • CTI Flows: easily customize and extend behaviors within the CTI Adapter such as screenpop and activity management. Default flows along with the API guide provide key examples.

  • High-velocity sales (HVS): using Salesforce HVS, enable your inside sales team to follow a repeatable pre-define sales cadence for your business. It enables sales managers and reps to work on prioritize list of prospects and follow best sequence of sales outreach activities defined by your sales process.

The key benefits of the AWS Serverless Application Repository for Salesforce are:

  • Access Salesforce Data: easily inject salesforce data into the customer experience. Businesses can offer personalized greetings and dynamic routing based on customer information, create new objects, update existing records, and delete items based on customer choices in the IVR.

  • Contact center real-time reports: display real-time contact center metrics within Salesforce from Amazon Connect.

  • Contact center historical reports: display historical contact center metrics within Salesforce from Amazon Connect.

  • Contact analytics: transcribe voice calls and perform analysis of the conversations using AI to surface sentiment, keywords, syntax, entities, etc.

We recommend that you initially install and configure the package into your Salesforce sandbox. This will allow you to test the integration, become more familiar with it, and modify it to your needs prior to deploying it to your production org.

If you are using Lighting, you can get a head start by working through the Build an Amazon Connect Integration Salesforce Trailhead.


To successfully deploy, configure, and implement the Amazon Connect integration with Salesforce, you must ensure that the following requirements and prerequisites are in place before.

Prerequisites - Amazon Connect CTI Adapter

In order to successfully install and configure the Amazon Connect CTI Adapter from the AppExchange you will need:

  1. Salesforce

    a. Salesforce org with Lightning experience

    b. My Domain configured and deployed to users

  2. An Amazon Connect instance

  3. SAML Details (If using SAML)

Prerequisites - AWS Serverless Application Repository for Salesforce

In order to successfully install and configure the Salesforce functions from the Serverless Application Repository, you will also need:

  1. A Kinesis stream configured for your Amazon Connect contact trace records (CTRs)

  2. Salesforce:

    a. An API user account

    b. A new Connected App

Browser Compatibility

Amazon Connect requires WebRTC to enable soft-phone voice media stream and Websockets to enable soft-phone signaling. Consequently, users are required to use the latest version of either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. For more information, please see the Amazon Connect documentation.

Salesforce Lightning Support

Please note that following features are currently not supported in Salesforce Lightning:

  • Outbound Campaign Calls using Salesforce Omni can be routed to the agent, but the automated screen pops and the dialing of the phone number will not work. The agent will have to click on the record links to open the records and use Salesforce's Click-to-Dial feature to make the phone call.

  • Lightning Standard Navigation is not currently supported in App Options for the Amazon Connect CTI Adapter.